Why Print My Tee?

Print My Tee is a People Business!

  • B-to-C – With our no minimums and no setups we can service customers who want even just one shirt

  • B-to-B – Business Accounts are a huge revenue source

  • 40% Revenue is driven by happy customers

  • Storefront Retail Location (100 to 300 sq. ft.)

  • Follow Your Passions

  • Become an integral part of the community


Print My Tee Franchise Group Culture and Founders

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to the franchisees through:

  • Proven Systems

  • Transparency

  • Strong Mission Statement

  • Family-Oriented Goals


Print My Tee Franchisees provide top quality custom products driven by easy to use all-digital, green technology! Customers can not only get their new favorite T-shirt, but their new favorite hoodie, tank, jacket and more.

T-Shirts are a thriving $60 Billion Industry:
  • T-shirts have been around for over 100 years

  • Evolution

  • Garment Decorating

  • Removal of Barriers to Entry

  • Expertise

  • Strong Partnerships/Relationships


Fun and creativity are celebrated at Print My Tee – by customers and employees alike! Although a successful Print My Tee capitalizes on our amazing Screen printers and the quality T-shirts – it’s also about owning your day-to-day freedom to enjoy your work and home life. 


Custom decorated garments are always the perfect product because customers design them to be. Our Customer Satisfaction is exceptional!


Operational Advantages:

  • Minimal Employees – Average of Two to Three Per Location

  • Daylight Hours – Helping You Spend More Quality Time

  • Around 100 - 300 Square Feet Needed – Cutting Down on Rental Costs

  • Low Inventory – Inventory Orders Typically Arrive in One or Two Days

  • 40% Gross Profit Margin

  • Low Overhead Costs – With No Big Ticket Surprises

  • Environmentally Friendly – Green Process with Low Impact

  • Minimal Competition


As a Print My Tee Franchise, You Deserve Comprehensive Support

We have structured the Print My Tee Franchise Group to service your business needs:



  • Print My Tee Training Program

  • On Site Training

  • Comprehensive Manuals

  • Webinars and Videos for You and Your Employees


Strategic Partners

  • Site Selection and Lease Negotiation

  • Wholesale Blank Apparel Agreements

  • POS and Computer IT

  • Store-in-a-Box With Everything You Need For Your Store Delivered to Your Door


Business Coaching

  • Human Resources

  • Lease Negotiation

  • Financial Guidance

  • Pre-Opening Support

  • Ongoing

  • Site Visits and Training

Additional Resources

  • Annual Print My Tee Meeting

  • Print My Tee Monthly Calls

  • R&D New Product Development

  • Franchise Advisory Council



  • SEO

  • Proven Marketing Activities

  • Co-Branding Programs

  • Digital Advertising

  • Comprehensive Marketing Manual

  • Microwebsites

  • Car Wrap

  • Grand Opening Guidance

  • PR Media Kit


If you are interested in investing in your own Print My Tee Custom T-Shirts & More franchise, we have a pretty simple process to follow. Your main job is to discover if Print My Tee is the right concept for you! After an introductory call with our Franchise Development person. After that, you can get frank and honest answers from current Print My Tee owners about our system. If you can see yourself being our newest Franchise then it’s time to come visit us in Pune Maharashtra. We’ll have all day to discuss your goals with Print My Tee and any questions you may have. Following your visit, if we all agree Print My Tee is a good fit, “WELCOME TO PRINT MY TEE!!”


The Process

  • Introductory Call

  • Get to Know Print My Tee

  • Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review

  • Get to Know Print My Tee Franchisees

  • Meet The Founder at Our Head Office in Pune.

  • Welcome to the Print My Tee Community.

Get In Touch

Franchise FAQ

Why should I buy a Print My Tee franchise?

Print My Tee is the only franchise of its kind in India. We appeal to a newly created marketplace (1-100 garments). We are the most fun business one can imagine. We have a strong history of success and wonderful validation from our owners. Minimal employees and hours. High margins. Low capital investment. New technology. No receivables. We offer a high quality of life business and we emphasize giving back to the community. B-to-B as well as B-to-C. Low overhead and operating costs.

What does Print My Tee’s Competition look like?

While Print My Tee Franchisees face competition, we have several unique factors that provide healthy separation for the customers to choose us over any other provider. T-shirt makers are a highly-fragmented business. Print My Tee’s Screen printers are powerhouses, printing at a very high capacity day-in and day-out. They also do not have the welcoming environment we provide to customers as they are typically more industrial in nature. When comparing Print My Tee to local print shops or people working out of their garage, Print My Tee far exceeds their capabilities with customer service, pricing and value. Online competitors do exist, but through the strong community ties you will build – our customers bring us their business for the Print My Tee Experience. They have the trust that their products will be of a high quality because they personally chose them in the store and the confidence that we will print them exactly as designed by our professional designers at Print My Tee.

What do I get for my investment?

Print My Tee will introduce, teach, train and support you in operating your store; one that is unique in the franchise world. We help you with site selection, lease negotiation, design, layout and help equip your store. We train you in Pune for a minimum of a week and at your store for four days. We provide ongoing support in a wide variety of ways, and we help you with marketing, recruitment and training of personnel. We will assist and advise you with the procurement of equipment and inventory and do so on an ongoing basis.

What else do I pay to Print My Tee once I open my store?

we collect, on behalf of the franchisees, the sum of 2 % of your sales toward a “national marketing fund”. This money is spent on behalf of the franchise owners. How long will it take me to get open? Will Print My Tee help me find a good location? If things go well, you could be open in as little as 30 days, or even less. More typical would be 45 days. We hold your hand every step of the way, including what to look for, and negotiations with the landlord. Our typical store is between 100 and 500 square feet.

What other expenses do I have in order to operate a store?

Rent and associated expenses, employee costs, cost of goods including cost of t-shirts and marketing, and miscellaneous, such as the cost of accepting credit cards, utilities, and insurance. The amounts will vary from location to location.

What do I have to do in order to operate a Print My Tee store successfully?

In a “normal” retail business, you might rely heavily on the location of your store and advertising to get customers. With Print My Tee, both of these methods are effective. Additionally, we have found that if our owners spend time in the community networking, and getting involved in community activities and events, the store can do even better. We will teach you how to do this if you are the sort of individual who enjoys this kind of interaction in the community. We also encourage search engine optimization and social media as effective methods of getting business.

How much money can I make by owning a Print My Tee?

We are prohibited by law and common sense from predicting your results. We do have certain sales figures for existing franchise stores. An average franchise can earn upwards of 50,000 only if the franchisee is ready to give in 100% and work hard.

What is the future for Print My Tee? Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Print My Tee is developing this franchise to be the recognized leader in garment decorating and we want to add about 12 stores per year in India. Our primary concern is to find high quality individuals to join us on this mission. We want to be the dominant player in the garment decorating industry in the country. As Print My Tee continues to build a national name and brand, we will continue to bring more customer awareness and value to each and every franchise location, thereby increasing the value of every Print My Tee franchise store. You couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to be looking at becoming a Print My Tee franchise owner.

Since 2013, we’ve been obsessing over every detail of custom printing and apparel. From screen-printing and embroidery our experts can handle any requests of any size. Today, we’ve printed over 1,00,000+ pieces for over 300+ happy customers and we’re just getting started!

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